Contests Played  14
Entries  28
Finalists  19
Final  1 2 2
Semi Final  3 4 2
Quarter Final  5 1 0
Qualification Rate  67.86%

Thomizzle is a participant in Digital Spy Fantasy Eurovision. His first activity in the contest was as a viewer of the Manchester contest, held by 21stCenturyBoy, and stuck up for Austria's controversial Mozart trance remix entry by Rank 1. He was subsequently used as backup jurist when other participants failed to meet deadlines.

His debut in the contest came at the Tórshavn contest, hosted by Saturn. He sent his old school favourite band The Rasmus for Finland, and placed 9th in the final. His entry for Kazakhstan - who were making a debut in the contest - failed to reach the final.

In his second contest in Madrid, he again placed 9th, after achieving qualification for the final with Scotland. Luxembourg however finished last in their qualifying round, despite sending a well renowned turntablist in Laidback Luke.

In Bratislava, he was overtly confident about both of his entries, Turkey and Cyprus. Indeed, both made the final giving Thomizzle his first 100% qualification succession in a contest. Turkey bought him his first top 3 finish, with Cyprus rounding off a strong contest by finishing 6th.

He took his first victory in Mini Faroe Islands Runavík as Agnes Carlsson led all the way with 'Don't Go Breaking Your Heart', taking the contest to Mini Sweden Malmö, thomizzle's first hosting.

Contest Country Artist Song F SF QF
Mini Ireland  Mini Czech Republic  Mini Russia  Mini Norway  Mini Sweden  Mini United Kingdom 
Mini Faroe Islands Tórshavn Mini Finland Finland The Rasmus "Livin' In A World Without You" 9th 6th 5th
96 64 77
Mini Kazakhstan Kazakhstan A-Studio ft Polina "S.O.S." - 18th 8th
- 21 44
Mini Spain Madrid Mini Scotland Scotland Yasmin "On My Own" 9th 6th 7th
69 69 56
Mini Luxembourg Luxembourg Laidback Luke "Timebomb" - - 14th
- - 24
Mini Slovakia Bratislava Mini Cyprus Cyprus Nikolas Metaxas "Square One" 6th 6th 6th
79 70 68
Mini Turkey Turkey Sertab Erener "Here I Am" 3rd 2nd 1st
120 122 102
Mini Armenia Yerevan Mini Macedonia Macedonia Shakira "Gypsy" 14th 8th 4th
63 63 75
Mini France France Sheryfa Luna "Il Avait Les Mots" 23rd 10th 9th
28 57 49
Mini Wales LlanfairPG Mini Lithuania Lithuania Suicide DJs "Samurai Song" - - 17th
- - 9
Mini Belgium Belgium Gotye ft Kimbra "Somebody That I Used To Know" 2nd 2nd 2nd
122 107 87
Mini Armenia Gyumri Mini Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Nadine Coyle "Lullaby" - 17th 10th
- 40 39
Mini Denmark Denmark Nabiha "Deep Sleep" 6th 3rd 5th
77 89 86
Mini Sweden  Mini Spain  Mini France  Mini Latvia 
Mini Faroe Islands Runavík Mini Sweden Sweden Agnes Carlsson "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" 1st 1st 1st
98 122 108
Mini Lebanon Lebanon Eric Saade ft Dev "Hotter Than Fire" 23rd 9th 7th
29 59 44
Mini Sweden Malmö Mini Bulgaria Bulgaria Miro "Power" 3rd 3rd 11th
91 80 37
Mini Romania Romania Crush & Alexandra Ungureanu "I Need U More" 10th 1st 6th
68 82 58
Mini Sweden Örebro Mini Israel Israel Adam Lambert "Whataya Want From Me" - 9th 1st
- 83 130
Mini Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Lights "Saviour" 4th 2nd 1st
100 114 172
Mini Spain Barcelona Mini England England Joe McElderry "Someone Wake Me Up" 2nd 1st 1st
84 127 125
Mini Malta Malta Anthony Callea "Rain" 21st 9th 6th
42 86 113
Mini Poland 
Mini Norway Stavanger Mini Estonia Estonia IIRIS "Melyse" - 19th
- 41
Mini San Marino San Marino Dolcenera "Ci Vediamo A Casa" 11th 2nd
64 113
Mini Denmark Copenhagen Mini Czech Republic Czech Republic Lenka "Roll With The Punches" 22nd 4th
30 86
Mini Luxembourg Luxembourg Esha "Luna" 14th 6th
57 87
Mini Faroe Islands  Mini Finland  Mini Ireland  Mini Extremadura  Mini Jersey  Mini Wales 
Mini Netherlands Amsterdam Mini Croatia Croatia Lana "Bad Boys" - 13th 8th
- 49 62
Mini Austria Austria Parov Stelar ft Cleo Panther "Nobody's Fool" 19th 11th 5th
42 59 89
Mini Lebanon  Mini Latvia  Mini Wales  Mini Norway  Mini Germany  Mini Greenland 
Mini SwSc 
Mini France Bordeaux Mini Greece Greece Kostas Martakis "Embrace Me" - 9th
- 67
Mini Slovenia Slovenia Rebeka Dremelj "Fantje ispod Triglava" - 16th
- 33

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote

Contests Played  2
Entries  4
Finalists  2
Final  0 0 0
Semi Final  0 1 1
Quarter Final  0 0 0
Qualification Rate  50%


Contest Country Artist Song F SF QF
Mini United States New York Mini Cuba Cuba Gloria Estefan "Miss Little Havana" - 15th 9th
- 24 59
Mini Nicaragua Nicaragua Maria Mena "All This Time (Pick-Me-Up Song)" 7th 3rd 11th
80 76 54
Mini Brazil São Paulo Mini Canada Canada Nickelback "When We Stand Together" - 17th
- -3*
Mini El Salvador El Salvador Allison Iraheta "Don't Waste the Pretty" 5th 2nd
53 68

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted 25 points for failing to vote