Signing upEdit

  1. A player wishing to take part in the contest, will send a private message via Digital Spy to the original poster of the current contest thread, within the allotted sign-up time.
  2. A host can generally choose whether players will receive countries randomly, via picks or other means.
    1. Random: The player receives countries randomly from the host. Usually a player will receive one considered 'good' and one considered 'bad' country.
    2. Picks: The player can list in order of preference which countries the player would like when signing up to the contest. The player will at least be given a country on their list, along with a random 'bad' country.

Song selection rulesEdit

  1. Songs must not exceed 5 minutes in length.
  2. Songs released before 1 January 2000, are not allowed.
  3. Songs that have charted in the UK Top 40, are not allowed.
  4. Songs which have been previously used in any DSFE contest, are not allowed. Use the search bar (top-right) to search by country, artist, or song.
  5. Artist/groups that have appeared in the Eurovision Song Contest are allowed.
  6. Songs that have appeared in the Eurovision Song Contest are not allowed.
    1. Songs that have appeared in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest are not allowed.
  7. Songs that have appeared in a country's national final are not allowed.
    1. Songs that have appeared in the Sanremo Music Festival are allowed
  8. The artist must be from your country (unless it is a microstate - rules apply), or have a connection through parents or grandparents; any other connections will not be accepted. If the eligibility is questioned by the host, they may require proof of eligibility.

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