Contests Played  87
Finalists  56
Final  3 1 4
Semi Final  7 4 5
Quarter Final  10 10 9
Qualification Rate  64.37%
England is one of the 4 countries which resulted from the breakup of the United Kingdom after the contest in Manchester. They have reached the final on 11 occasions, with their best result being 2nd place in Barcelona. The first English result post-breakup yielded a 3rd place finish for Paloma Faith with the song "Upside Down", however the following contest was a severe disappointment, coming last in the final. England rebounded strongly between contests 10 - 12, with their highest finish being 6th in Yerevan, their joint 3rd highest ever final placing. Point deductions in the controversial Helsingborg contest led to a first ever semi-final exit for the country and was followed up by a last-placed finish in Zaragoza. England's worst result to date was experienced in Runavík, where steeleuro_wolf entered the infamous 'Spanglish' entry "Uno Y Uno" and this was followed up by disappointing semi-final exits in the next two contests. However the English came closest to success in the subsequent contest held in Barcelona with "Someone Wake Me Up" by Joe McElderry, which ultimately finished in second place in the final. In the next contest the English finished 2nd in their quarter-final and 1st in their semi-final and hopes were raised regarding a first ever English victory, however they eventually had to settle for a 6th place finish overall. Semi-final exits in the next two contests were a disappointment for those hoping for a continuation of the English revival and, despite reaching the final in Klaksvík, mentor avb had to settle for 22nd place with "Killer Boots" by Kovak. In the Helsinki contest England experienced their third-worst result, boyband The Wanted bombing out in the quarter-finals with the song "Last to Know" achieving a lowly 44 points in 18th place.
Contest Player Artist Song F SF QF
Mini Ireland  Mini Czech Republic  Mini Russia  Mini Norway  Mini Sweden  Mini United Kingdom 
Mini Faroe Islands Tórshavn steeleuro_wolf Paloma Faith "Upside Down" 3rd 9th 1st
118 55 110
Mini Spain Madrid Quizmike Little Boots "Stuck on Repeat" 22nd 11th 5th
39 50 74
Mini Slovakia Bratislava Ulfgeirr Bat For Lashes "Sleep Alone" - - 11th
- - 40
Mini Armenia Yerevan Saturn Same Difference feat. Alcazar "Karma Karma" 6th 8th 3rd
95 59 92
Mini Wales LlanfairPG Quizmike Cocknbullkid "Yellow" 9th 10th 5th
66 59 71
Mini Armenia Gyumri TerryP Jade Ewen "Punching Out" 11th 7th 7th
71 65 58
Mini Sweden Helsingborg JordanC55 Laura White "You Should Know" - 18th 3rd
- 16* 88
Mini Spain Zaragoza Cuishla Will Kevans feat Russell Tovey "Dialling Tone" 24th 10th 10th
26 49 45
Mini France Toulouse dylanpartyon Neon Hitch "Get Over U" 8th 3rd 2nd
51 80 92
Mini Latvia Riga penguinperson Ed Drewett "Champagne Lemonade" 14th 9th 1st
46 56 91
Mini Faroe Islands Runavík steeleuro_wolf Jeremías "Uno Y Uno Igual A Tres!" - - 14th
- - 15
Mini Sweden Malmö kvn Mini Viva "One Touch" - 10th 2nd
- 53 75
Mini Sweden Örebro Katsuya Cosmo Jarvis "Gay Pirates" - 9th 4th
- 86 96
Mini Spain Barcelona thomizzle Joe McElderry "Someone Wake Me Up" 2nd 1st 1st
84 127 125
Mini Poland Warsaw penguinperson Wolf Gang "The King and All of his Men" 6th 1st 2nd
59 108 108
Mini Norway Stavanger dylanpartyon Nicola Roberts "Yo-Yo" - 15th
- 48
Mini Denmark Copenhagen AcerBen Karima Francis "Stay" - 12th
- 42
Mini Faroe Islands Klaksvík avb Kovak "Killer Boots" 22nd 8th 9th
34 67 67
Mini Finland Helsinki AxG The Wanted "Last to Know" - - 18th
- - 44
Mini Ireland Dublin dondfan998 The Noisettes "The Count of Monte Christo" - - 19th
- - 8
Mini Extremadura Mérida Pooley Gabrielle Aplin "Home" 7th 6th 1st
75 96 102
Mini Jersey Saint Helier Transponster Aluna George "Just A Touch" 23rd 8th 5th
43 77 82
Mini Wales Aberystwyth TobyCY Syron "Breaking" - 16th 7th
- 33 87
Mini Netherlands Amsterdam JordanC55 Little Mix "DNA" 16th 12th 11th
49 46 49
Mini Lebanon Beirut Alexos Bryn Christopher "Fearless" 13th 7th 3rd
47 65 118
Mini Latvia Jūrmala DamienS Matt Cardle "Starlight" 12th 1st 1st
52 112
Mini Wales 
Mini Norway Trondheim JordanC55 Booty Luv "Black Widow" 21st 7th
35 98
Mini Germany Cologne robotpuppy Nadia Oh "Slapper (Ayye)" - 18th
- 27
Mini Greenland Nuuk Saturn Hurts "Miracle" 11th 3rd
58 120
Mini SwSc  Gothenburg/
stanld03 Bebe Black "Deathwish" 6th 1st
75 157
Mini France Bordeaux Cuishla Dry The River "New Ceremony" 12th 6th
51 85
Mini Finland HEARTS Ovalteenie Beth Gibbons "Mysteries" - - 12th
- - 50
Mini Russia Sochi 21stCenturyBoy Lisa Mitchell "Spiritus" 19th 6th 7th
42 93 85
Mini Denmark Aarhus kvn Katy Tiz "Red Cup" 14th 7th 8th
53 85 78
Mini Iceland Reykjavík subZER0 IAMX "I Come With Knives" - - 17th
- - 30
Mini Netherlands The Hague dylanpartyon Jetta "Start A Riot" 4th 3rd 2nd
106 107 176
Mini Svalbard Pyramiden March Mornings Chasing Grace "Trust" 13th 6th 1st
59 82 146
Mini Germany Munich TerryP Alistair Griffin & Leddra Chapman "The One" 10th 4th 2nd
62 91 107
Mini Finland Jyväskylä subZER0 The Hush "Make Me Believe" - 12th
- 42
Mini Ireland Donegal DamienS Natalia Kills "Saturday Night" 4th 2nd 2nd
80 105 112
Mini Svalbard Longyearbyen Night_driver George Ezra "Did You Hear The Rain?" 3rd 2nd 1st
96 118 143
Mini Estonia Tallinn Carlisle156 Foxes "Let Go For Tonight" 1st 1st 1st
94 127 145
Mini England London Gwen 404 John Newman "Out Of My Head" 16th 6th 4th
60 85 110
Mini Germany Neuss jackel1234 Seth Lakeman "The Courier" 6th 7th 7th
92 72 91
Mini Albania Tirana AcerBen Birdy "Words as Weapons" 18th 12th 9th
43 56 82
Mini Bulgaria Sofia dylanpartyon Ella Eyre "If I Go" 1st 1st 1st
127 156 168
Mini England Reading jackel1234 Sons & Lovers "Lover" 3rd 2nd 2nd
100 117 133
Mini Jersey Saint Helier MissMidgard Mumford & Sons "Babel" 19th 10th 6th
50 73 97
Mini Hungary Göd Ouestlecue Vaults "Lifespan" 5th 3rd 4th
95 115 116
Mini Kazakhstan Almaty mikabv Mighty Oaks "Brother" - 15th 4th
- 37 79
Mini Finland Oulu andrewdk Teleman "Mainline" - 17th 9th
- 32 67
Mini Liechtenstein Vaduz March Mornings Martin Luke Brown "Nostalgia" 17th 11th 5th
36 53 92
Mini Portugal Lisbon yoshi94 Rae Morris "Under the Shadows" 7th 2nd 1st
43 72 103
Mini Austria Vienna BethnalGreen Bebe Black "I'll Wait" 20th 4th 3rd
40 86 131
Mini Sweden Lund BethnalGreen Florrie "Young to Remember" 15th 9th 3rd
42 60 109
Mini Norway Lillehammer jackel1234 Coasts "A Rush Of Blood" 26th 9th 4th
15 61 95
Mini Switzerland Bitsch MiesBouwman Kwabs "Perfect Ruin" 1st 4th 4th
85 74 97
Mini Italy Rome Violetta Grange Neon Hitch "Sparks" 4th 6th 2nd
64 82 96
Mini Iran Tehran yoshi94 Florrie "Little White Lies" - 16th 4th
- 53 95
Mini Iceland Kópavogur jag02010 KStewart "Keeping You Up" - - 12th
- - 58
Mini Monaco Monte Carlo stanld03 Queen of Hearts "Like A Drug" - 17th 9th
- 32 67
Mini Italy Rimini AxG The Shires "All Over Again" - - 11th
- - 62
Mini Moldova Chișinău ChrisROE Hughes Diana Vickers "Cinderella" - - 12th
- - 70
Mini Spain Valencia Lurker62 Shawn Mendes "Stitches" - 15th 5th
- 47 71
Mini Scotland Aberdeen avb/TerryP Hurts "Some Kind of Heaven" 26th - 11th 1st 11th
23 - 46 26 66
Mini Romania Bucharest Alexos Rae Morris "Love Again" - 18th 7th
- 27 85
Mini Norway Tromsø GreekFan Birdy "Keeping your head up" 7th 1st 1st
58 119 143
Mini Liechtenstein Schaan PatheticFallacy Fickle Friends "Say No More" - - 12th
- - 43
Mini Italy Pisa mikabv Findlay "Wolfback" - - 12th
- - 47
Mini New Zealand Christchurch Alexos Tom Odell "Magnetised" 13th 9th 5th
43 46 75
Mini Svalbard Ny-Ålesund March Mornings Radiohead "Burn the Witch" - - 13th
- - 43
Mini SlovakiaAustria  Horný Bar/
ChickenFromKiev Paige Monroe "Call It Love" 19th 11th 3rd
27 52 93
Mini ISS ISS Carlisle156 Oh Wonder "Without You" - - 12th
- - 78
Mini Andorra Andorra la Vella Yugimuto1 Harper "Animal" 13th 4th 2nd
44 65 98
Mini Italy Venice aliyah101 Dry the River "Weights & Measures" 9th 3rd 5th
54 66 85
Mini Wales Snowdonia Alexos/yoshi94 Arthur Beatrice "Real Life" - 20th 8th
- 35 66
Mini Norway Hell yoshi94 Vaults "Midnight River" 5th 4th 2nd
59 74 88
Mini Germany Berlin Laura_Vape Låpsley "Hurt Me" 14th 4th 4th
42 71 103
Mini Ukraine Odessa shar_ds Laura Marling "Soothing" - 18th 8th
- 38 70
Mini Isle of Man Douglas aliyah101 Sandura Karma "Flame" 20th 5th 7th
25 51 54
Mini Norway Molde danyal_ahmed Louisa Johnson "Best Behaviour" 17th 7th 6th
57 75 108
Mini Jersey Le Hurel MiesBouwman Rae Morris "Reborn" 3rd 4th 3rd
88 80 120
Mini Romania Găești King Kunta Chlöe Howl "Magnetic" - - 15th
- - 41
Mini Luxembourg Esch TerryP Steps "Neon Blue" 25th 13th 7th
39 76 118
Mini Greece Athens jag02010 Leon Else "What I Won't Do" 14th 5th 3rd
63 98 87
Mini Faroe Islands Funningsfjørður Yugimuto1 Mollie King "Hair Down" 9th 6th 3rd
77 65 101
Mini Hungary Budapest {{}} Aquilo "Silhouette" - - -
- - -

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote

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