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DS Fantasy Eurovision 89-Le Hurel
Le Hurel
Contest Number   89
Host Country   Mini Jersey Jersey
Host City   Le Hurel
Host Player   avb
Digital Spy Link   17 June 2017–


Pos Country Artist Song Pts Player
1st Mini Algeria Algeria Marina Kaye "On My Own" {{}}
2nd Mini Tasmania Tasmania No Frills Twins "Love Me Tender" {{}}
3rd Mini Ireland Ireland MisterWives "Machine" {{}}
4th Mini Åland Islands Åland Islands Saara "Superpowers" {{}}
5th Mini Turkey Turkey Gulsen "Bangir Bangir" {{}}
6th Mini Isle of Man Isle of Man Betsy "Little White Lies" {{}}
7th Mini Wallonia Wallonia Laura Tesoro "Higher" {{}}
8th Mini Sweden Sweden Smith & Thell "Row" {{}}
9th Mini Albania Albania Elvana Gjata "Forever Is Over" {{}}
10th Mini Serbia Serbia Marija "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" {{}}
11th Mini Andorra Andorra Blaumut "Equilibri" {{}}
12th Mini Jersey Jersey Charlotte OC "Darkest Hour" {{}}
13th Mini Svalbard Svalbard CLMD ft Astrid S "Dust" {{}}
14th Mini Poland Poland Margaret "What You Do" {{}}
15th {{}} "[1]" {{}}


Pos Country Artist Song Pts Player
1st Mini Slovakia Slovakia TWiiNS "Latino Love" {{}}
2nd Mini Vojvodina Vojvodina Krisz Rudolf "Kimentunk a divatbol" {{}}
3rd Mini Lebanon Lebanon Mougleta "Clown" {{}}
4th Mini Macedonia Macedonia Cisilia "Samurai" {{}}
5th Mini Kazakhstan Kazakhstan A-Studio "Tolko s toboy" {{}}
6th Mini Bulgaria Bulgaria Oonagh & Safri Duo "Zeit der Sommernachte" {{}}
7th Mini Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Magnolia "Pogovori so mnoy" {{}}
8th Mini Transnistria Transnistria Dilays "Tolko ty i ya" {{}}
9th Mini Croatia Croatia Severina "Mrtav Bez Mene" {{}}
10th {{}} "[2]" {{}}

◄ Mini Norway Molde

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