Contests Played  6
Entries  13
Finalists  8
Final  1 0 0
Semi Final  1 0 0
Quarter Final  0 0 0
Qualification Rate  61.54%

Alecto made his debut in Prague and has participated in every edition since. Alecto won the second edition with Norway and managed to secure 4th place with Italy in Manchester. Alecto also hosted the Oslo edition. Alecto was part of Banning Gate and after the final in Tórshavn announced his retirement.

Contest Country Artist Song F SF QF
Mini Ireland 
Mini Czech Republic Prague Mini Austria Austria Saint Lu "Don't Miss Your Own Life" 11th 5th
104 84
Mini Romania Romania Fly Project "Unisex" - 11th
- 54
Mini Russia Moscow Mini Norway Norway Marit Larsen "Don't Save Me" 1st 1st
176 122
Mini Serbia Serbia Natasa Bekvalac "Ne valjam" - 14th
- 56
Mini Norway Oslo Mini Spain Spain Ellos "Cerca" 10th -
104 -
Mini Slovenia Slovenia Torul "Try" 24th 7th
59 65
Mini Sweden Stockholm Mini Libya Libya Nadia Ali "Love Story" 21st 9th
74 74
Mini Bulgaria Bulgaria Grafa, Lubo & Orlin "Zaedno" 22nd 8th
69 65
Mini Russia Russia Vitas "Opera 2" - 21st
- 37
Mini United Kingdom Manchester Mini Italy Italy Nicolas Bonazzi "Dirsi Che è Normale" 4th 5th 3rd
202 68 59
Mini Lebanon Lebanon Brigit Yaghi "Alby w Omry" - 11th 4th
- 45 59
Mini Faroe Islands Tórshavn Mini Iceland Iceland Emiliana Torrini "Big Jumps" 15th 12th 8th
77 45 55
Mini Israel Israel Amir Fay Guttman "Margish" - - 10th
- - 41

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote