Åland Islands
Åland Islands
Contests Played  58
Finalists  27
Final  0 0 2
Semi Final  1 2 3
Quarter Final  6 4 6
Qualification Rate  46.55%
Did not participate.

The Aland Islands first appearance came at the first contest of 2012 in Orebro, and it was a successful one as Niki & The Dove finished 6th overall. Despite this they sat out the next 4 contests before returning in Klaksvik where Laura Narhi earned the tiny microstate their best result to date, a 3rd place finish. They would take part in all but 2 contests for the rest of the year, and making a further 2 finals, including an 8th place by Jippu in Dublin.

This was an altogether more tougher year for the Alands, they stood out the first 3 contests of the year, before returning in Nuuk to a SF exit. This made them step out again for one contest, in fact they didn’t make the final until the 11th contest of the year in The Hague when Miriam Byrant took them to 8th place. Despite this they once again sat out the next contest before returning in Munich where Satellite Stories finished 12th, they again sat out the next contest before finishing the year with a 18th place finish in the final thanks to One Louder.

The Alands Islands got 2014 off to a good start with 2 finals, a 24th place finish for Suvi in Longyearbyen and then a 11th place for Suvi Teraniska in Tallinn. They missed out on the final in the next 3 contests, but have then made the following 3 finals and despite not making the top 10 in any of them, they did manage to win the QF on two occasions, they very first heat wins of any kind of the microstate. But that was to be the end of the good news for the year for the nation as they missed the final in God and then sat out the following 3 contests.

The Aland Islands are yet to win a contest, and their 3 best results all hail back to 2012. They are the only one of the Scani/Nordic countries not to have won a contest, so they will be hoping 2015 will finally be their year.

In 2016 when participating in Hell, the Aland Islands were infamously erroneously in a Final recap called Alan's Islands, due to an auto-correct. To honour this mistake it was decided that they were going to be called Alan's Islands. Ironically in the same contest, they would go on and match their record with a 3rd Place in the Final.
Contest Player Artist Song F SF QF
Mini Ireland  Mini Czech Republic  Mini Russia  Mini Norway  Mini Sweden  Mini United Kingdom  Mini Faroe Islands  Mini Spain  Mini Slovakia  Mini Armenia  Mini Wales  Mini Armenia  Mini Sweden  Mini Spain  Mini France  Mini Latvia  Mini Faroe Islands 
Mini Sweden 
Mini Sweden Örebro CelticMyth Niki & The Dove "DJ, Ease My Mind" 6th 3rd 5th
95 106 129
Mini Spain  Mini Poland  Mini Norway  Mini Denmark 
Mini Faroe Islands Klaksvík Katsuya Laura Narhi "Hetken tie on Kevyt" 3rd 2nd 4th
93 108 112
Mini Finland Helsinki TerryP Nanne "En rastlös själ" - 17th 12th
- 50 55
Mini Ireland Dublin stanld03 Jippu "Eva" 8th 4th 2nd
72 97 101
Mini Extremadura Mérida WeeblesWobble PMMP "Joutsenet" - - DQ
- - 59
Mini Jersey Saint Helier Cuishla Erin "Vanha nainen hunningolla" - - 16th
- - 39
Mini Wales Aberystwyth phill363 Johanna Kurkela "Sun särkyä anna mä en" 21st 11th 7th
39 40 57
Mini Netherlands  Mini Lebanon 
Mini Latvia Jūrmala Katsuya Laura Narhi "Tuhlari" - - DQ
- -
Mini Wales  Mini Norway  Mini Germany 
Mini Greenland Nuuk avb Munamies "Pomppufiilis" - 10th
- 69
Mini SwSc 
Mini France Bordeaux alwaysanigel247 Isac Elliot "New Way Home" - 10th
- 62
Mini Finland HEARTS Yugimuto1 Eric Amarillo "Om Sanningen Ska Fram" - - 14th
- - 30
Mini Russia Sochi robotpuppy Mikko Pohjola "Kuuluuko, kuuntelen" - 13th 9th
- 66 96
Mini Denmark Aarhus stanld03 Nuppu "Jumalan Luoma" - - 12th
- - 47
Mini Iceland Reykjavík Katsuya Laura Närhi ft. Erin "Siskoni" - 19th 6th
- 45 112
Mini Netherlands The Hague Alexos Miriam Byrant "Finders Keepers" 8th 4th 3rd
74 108 118
Mini Svalbard 
Mini Germany Munich Alexos Satellite Stories "Campfire" 12th 6th 7th
60 82 75
Mini Finland 
Mini Ireland Donegal Pooley One Louder "Fashionably Late" 18th 10th 5th
25 68 107
Mini Svalbard Longyearbyen Gav 2.0 Suvi "Clovers" 24th 11th 4th
40 62 88
Mini Estonia Tallinn TerryP Suvi Teraniska "Vaiettu Rakkaus" 11th 10th 2nd
58 63 123
Mini England London yoshi94 Sanni "Me ei olla enää me" - 15th 9th
- 46 81
Mini Germany Neuss Gwen 404 Jannika B "Jääkausi" - 19th 7th
- 32 82
Mini Albania Tirana jackel1234 Poets of the Fall "Can You Hear Me?" - - 14th
- - 39
Mini Bulgaria Sofia BethnalGreen Jenni Vartainen "Selvästi päihtynyt" 21st 8th 1st
38 85 122
Mini England Reading dylanpartyon Eva & Manu "Cinnamon Hearts" 20th 4th 2nd
49 91 137
Mini Jersey Saint Helier Gwen 404 Suvi "Find You" 13th 9th 1st
60 74 125
Mini Hungary Göd kvn Anna Abreu "Right In Front Of You" - 15th 9th
- 57 76
Mini Kazakhstan  Mini Finland  Mini Liechtenstein  Mini Portugal 
Mini Austria Vienna penguinperson Sandhja "Hold Me" 12th 5th 2nd
61 92 114
Mini Sweden Lund TerryP Siru "Kaksi Naista" 16th 9th 1st
40 71 129
Mini Norway Lillehammer Cuishla Mitra "Kukka kaipaa valoa" - - 10th
- - 72
Mini Switzerland Bitsch Saturn Ellinoora "Ei hävittävää" - 17th 5th
- 33 126
Mini Italy Rome Gwen 404 Pete Parkkonen "Maailma Mua Vastaan" - DQ 8th
- 41 64
Mini Iran Tehran shar_ds Haloo Helsinki "Beibi" - 15th 6th
- 56 96
Mini Iceland Kópavogur Pooley Anna Abreu "Ra-ta-ta-ta" - - 16th
- - 35
Mini Monaco Monte Carlo yoshi94 Titta "Niin Yli Susta" - - 11th
- - 48
Mini Italy Rimini Gwen 404 Katéa "That Ain't Love" 7th 2nd 3rd
56 112 104
Mini Moldova Chișinău kvn Ronya "The Great Escape" 16th 7th 3rd
45 76 97
Mini Spain Valencia BethnalGreen Softengine "The Sirens" 5th 3rd 3rd
61 68 85
Mini Scotland Aberdeen Lurker62 Softengine "All About You & I" - - 18th - 10th
- - 31 - 68
Mini Romania  Mini Norway 
Mini Liechtenstein Schaan JordanC55 Anna Puu "Kohta Vapaita" 22nd 13th 8th
21 41 76
Mini Italy Pisa Lurker62 Younghearted "Hetkeksi" - - 15th
- - 30
Mini New Zealand Christchurch jackel1234 Laura Närhi "Supersankari" 19th 9th 1st
32 51 111
Mini Svalbard Ny-Ålesund BethnalGreen Samu Haber, Niila "A Hundred Years" - 18th 9th
- 29 66
Mini ISS ISS Pete Callan Anna Abreu "Bandana" - - 11th
- - 68
Mini Andorra Andorra la Vella phill363 Anna Abreu "Räjäytä Mun Mieli" - - 13th
- - 43
Mini Italy Venice March Mornings Niila "Restless Heart" 19th 7th 4th
34 58 86
Mini Wales Snowdonia penguinperson Venior "Sugar Rush" 18th 10th 8th
43 52 64
Mini Norway Hell thengp12 Kaija Koo ft. Cheek "Naa yot ei anna armoo" 3rd 1st 3rd
64 94 81
Mini Germany Berlin MiesBouwman Alma "Dye My Hair" 10th 6th 7th
46 57 85
Mini Ukraine Odessa Alexos Ellinoora "Elefantin paino" 4th 6th 1st
55 71 96
Mini Isle of Man Douglas TerryP Evelina "Vuoristorataa" - 14th 12th
- 34 48
Mini Norway Molde Pete Callan Robin ft. Nelli Matula "Hula Hula" 11th 3rd 3rd
73 91 130
Mini Jersey Le Hurel jag02010 Saara "Superpowers" - 20th 10th
- 47 74
Mini Romania Găești weedydiamond Lordi "Who's Your Daddy" - - 13th
- - 50
Mini Luxembourg Esch da33431 Evelina "Kylmii Väreitä" - 15th 1st
- 69 184
Mini Greece Athens avb Sunrise Avenue "Prisoner In Paradise" 18th 12th 9th
57 67 63
Mini Faroe Islands Funningsfjørður yoshi94 Niina "City Lights" - - 12th
- - 51
Mini Hungary Budapest Steven_P Haloo Helsinki! "Kuussa tuulee" 15th 9th 4th
59 76 121

1st 2nd 3rd Finalist Qualified Wildcard / AC Last Disqualified
* Deducted points for failing to vote

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